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Portland, OR, 97215
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Confluence Environmental Center


2016-17 Fellows

Steven Hunter

Fellows Team Coordinator & Event Coordinator

Confluence Environmental Center & Friends of Gateway Green

Participate and support on a team of 4 Fellows on community projects, organizational development and capacity-building.  Provide mentoring, problem-solving, evaluation and organizing trainings.


Stephanie Sanchez

Community Environmental Coordinator

Green King

Participate on a team of 4 Fellows coordinating and expanding the King School Garden Program: recruiting volunteers, coordinating with teachers and expanding the garden educational opportunities.


Meghan Taylor

Outreach Coordinator

Friends of Gateway Green

Participate on a team of 4 Fellows developing outreach strategies to raise awareness and build capacity within Gateway Green: identify partnerships, strengthen relationships and coordinate outreach. 


2016 Fellows

Izzy Armenta

Fellows Team Coordinator

Confluence Environmental Center

Lead and support Fellows Team through mentoring, setting expectations, problem-solving, communication, evaluation and planning & organizing trainings and meetings. Plan and Coordinate the Livable Lents Summer Program.




Michelle Moulton

Community Orchard Coordinator

Green Lents

Support Malden Court Community Orchard by attending committee meetings, recruiting volunteers, attending work parties and supporting outreach and communication. Collaborate with Team in building capacity within Green Lents. 

Adriana Escobedo-Land

Pollinator Habitat Coordinator

Green Lents

Monitor and maintain bioswales throughout Lents.   Recruit volunteers, coordinate meetings, organize maintenance events and design and maintain tracking systems. Collaborate with Team in building capacity within Green Lents.    



Spencer Ward

Tool Library Coordinator

Green Lents

Build sustainable Tool Library systems that include: recruiting and training volunteers, coordinating meetings, managing sign-up, and organizing DIY workshops. Collaborate with Team in building capacity within Green Lents.