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Confluence Environmental Center

Change Agent Project

Change Agent Project

The Change Agent Project (CAP) is an exciting opportunity for Members to spend 40-120 hours co-creating a project with a community of their own choosing. CAP allows Members to practice community-driven development and project management skills that they can carry with them beyond AmeriCorps.

Some examples of past CAPs are:

  • Designed and launched Tails to Trails, a program connecting foster kids with foster dogs on nature walks.
  • A resource manual and signs for school garden coordinators to use in developing their summer maintenance plans
  • Starting a community garden on an unused piece of city property that ended up creating a wonderful sense of community in the neighborhood in addition to producing delicious, organic food
  • Created the foundations for Ariadne Garden to grow as a thriving community resource by establishing a decision making procedure and building communications platforms
  • Started a youth educational community garden and installed medicinal herb wheel
  • A short video about living alongside beaver habitat.
  • Develop an interactive lesson on how to evaluate the role of community gardens in food access for neighborhoods
  • Educational project aimed to increase public knowledge of the meaning behind food eco-labels and how they affect buying choices for consumers
  • Educational tool for kids to understand where recycling, trash and compost end up after putting it on the curb
  • A native plant species swap program where Invasive plants are swapped with Native plants
  • Naturescaping workshops for low-income families
  • Created "Trash Cards" describing where garbage, recycling and compost is sent from curbsides in Portland, OR
  • Freecycling:  sharing clothing and items for free before they get donated to charities
  • Researched Benefit Corporation legislation, the movement to enact such a policy in Oregon and it's potential impacts